10 Foods That Are in Every Southern Pantry | Eat This Not That

Sure, you think about work of art Southern nourishments like grill, shrimp and corn meal, and potato plate of mixed greens. In any case, past the exemplary solace nourishments, Southerners likewise have solid inclinations with regards to mark name staple things. You’re not liable to discover, say, a container of Sir Kensington’s mayo in a Southern wash room when Duke’s is around.

Here are probably the most popular food sources you’ll discover in Southern pantries across the United States. Get your shopping list ready!

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dukes real mayonnaise in packaging

What was begun as a mayo utilized on sandwiches to take care of South Carolina officers has gotten an undeniable Southern custom. Hellmann’s would never come close to Duke’s; the Southern brand simply tastes more homemade.

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Grits dish

Ask somebody in, say, New York City where to purchase corn meal, and they probably won’t have the option to help you. Yet, Southerners realize that corn meal make an incredible side dish to any morning meal dish, regardless of whether you add shrimp.

cornbread in basket wrapped in cloth

Aside from making cornbread, you can likewise make corn flapjacks with cornmeal. They’re an underestimated Southern delicacy.


From natively constructed buttermilk to lemon ricotta hotcakes to the topping on a glass of sweet tea, lemons make any Southern formula better.

white sugar in wooden spoon resting on brown sugar

From sweet tea to yam pie, a lot of Southern plans need sugar to make them pop.

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Texas pete hot sauce

Hot sauce is an absolute necessity for singed chicken and seared eggs. I’m inclined toward Texas Pete, which is made in North Carolina.

coca cola

From Coke buoys to Coca-Cola cake, Southerners have a lot of employments for this pop. Need to change it up? Attempt Cheerwine, which is settled in Salisbury, North Carolina.

jars of wickles spicy relish
Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock

These Alabama-based fiery pickles will add a kick to any sandwich.

roasted pecans in bowl

Whether you’re making bubbled peanuts or walnut pie, nuts are a staple in innumerable Southern recipes.


Yes, spread is essential to plans for Southern deals with like bread rolls or dumplings. Yet, as my granddad will advise you, the best pie covering is made with lard.