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After taking a gander at the most famous banana bread plans on the web, we saw that a regular portion that utilizations white flour, spread, acrid cream, and refined sugar has somewhere in the range of 244.8 to 248.8 grams of sugar. Presently how could that be going to help when you’re attempting to eat steadily and soften your cushy layers? It’s definitely not. However, there’s an explanation these exemplary pastries are still near—and it’s not just as a result of their flavor. There’s a beloved memory, a family custom, or an occasion custom that generally carries a particularly consoling feel alongside them. Fortunately for you, we’ve curated probably the best solid banana bread recipes.

In plans that call for white flour, which contains almost no common nutrients and minerals, change it out for oat flour or nut feast, which has a higher measure of protein and no added substances. This way, you’re getting wholesome advantages and a more adjusted treat. Trading out spread for fruit purée or harsh cream for Greek yogurt are additionally extraordinary choices to cut fat and calories and keep a similar wet chomp you’re looking for.

The sodden surface and sweet kind of banana bread are two things that make it so adorable and liberal. However, aged bananas have a normally happening sweet flavor and delicate surface, so over the top sugars and fats aren’t required. Keep your practices pushing ahead with these fixing trades in the solid banana bread plans beneath—and afterward look at these 40 Foods Nutritionists Experts Told Us You Should Be Eating Every Day.

Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Greek yogurt gives this banana bread formula an additional tang, and the slashed nuts add significantly more flavor.

Get our formula for the Best-Ever Banana Bread.

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whole30 banana bread pancake on plate
Posie Brien/Eat This, Not That!

Don’t have a portion dish? You can in any case appreciate the flavor of banana bread with this delightful flapjack formula. It’s Whole30-agreeable, too.

Get our formula for Whole30 Banana Bread Pancakes.

sliced banana bread
Beth Lipton

Being on the paleo diet doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate prepared products! This banana bread formula is paleo-accommodating while as yet being delicious.

Get our formula for Paleo Banana Bread.

banana bread loaf with slices

Would this TV have steer you wrong? Menounos shared her formula for banana bread with Eat This, Not That! in front of the arrival of her 2016 cookbook, The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking, and it’s ideal for banana bread purists.

Get the formula for Maria Menounos’ Banana Bread.

healthy banana bread
Courtesy of Well Plated

If you can’t envision banana bread without chocolate chips, we have you covered.

Get the formula from Well Plated.

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banana bread loaf on counter
Courtesy of How Sweet Eats

Love espresso? You need to attempt this coffee coated banana bread portion. Game. Changer.

Get the formula from How Sweet Eats.

slow cooker banana bread cake
Courtesy of Averie Cooks

Crock-Pots for the success! This moderate cooker banana bread cake has the entirety of the organic product flavor you love, short the oven.

Get the formula from Averie Cooks.

Chocolate chip banana bread recipe from Ambitious Kitchen
Courtesy of Ambitious sans kitchen

gluten and paleo, this banana bread formula is ideal for those with dietary limitations. What’s more, indeed, there are chocolate chips.

Get the formula from Ambitious Kitchen.

banana bread bars
Courtesy of Cotter Crunch

If you need a nibble you can take out and about, look no farther than these banana bread bars. They’re much more fun than a conventional loaf!

Get the formula from Cotter Crunch.

classic banana bread
Courtesy of The Baker Mama

Looking for a straightforward banana bread formula? This one has only nine ingredients.

Get the formula from The Baker Mama.

crock pot banana bread quinoa with fresh banana slices
The Realistic Nutritionist

Sweet quinoa plans are underestimated, and this lethargic cooker formula couldn’t be simpler to perfect.

Get the formula from The Realistic Nutritionist.

slow cooker banana chocolate bread loaf
Courtesy of The Nut Butter Hub.

We’ve said it previously, and we’ll say it once more: Your sluggish cooker can do everything. Counting making this heavenly, chocolatey banana bread.

Get the formula from The Nut Butter Hub.

Banana bread oat cookie on a counter with chocolate drizzle
Courtesy of Big Man’s World

Banana bread cookies? Presently, we’re talking.

Get the formula from The Big Man’s World.

loaf of banana bread with cream cheese frosting
Courtesy of Nutritionist in the Kitch


A banana bread stacked with protein is one you would prefer not to leave behind. This formula is made with Greek yogurt and protein powder for a protein-stuffed loaf.

Get the formula from Nutritionist in the Kitch.

loaf of chocolate banana bread
Courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie

The blend of rich chocolate and sweet banana is one amazing. Utilizing cocoa powder—with the alternative to overlook the chips—makes for a sound method to diminish the sugar tally. This is the ideal solace food to comfortable up to with a decent glass of your #1 nut milk.

Get the formula from Chocolate Covered Katie.