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The South is known for its rich culture, powerful music scene, warm neighborliness, and, obviously, delectable food. From Po’boys to possum pies, the Southern states have done something extraordinary for themselves by furnishing numerous lip-smackingly great dishes for certain names that are similarly as similarly unique.

If you at any point thought about what a “potlikker” really was or where “hummingbird cake” got its name from, at that point read ahead.

Here are 17 slang food terms you’ll just at any point hear in the South. And for more, look at these 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback.

packages of chitlins
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Chitlins, which are now and again alluded to as chitterlings, are an uncommon staple in American southern fare cooking. Made regularly from hoard digestive organs, chitlins are stewed for hours, battered, at that point seared, and they’re typically presented with apple juice vinegar and hot sauce.

Besides being a famous dish in the Southern U.S., chitlins are additionally a delicacy served worldwide and can be found in numerous Spanish, Asian, French, Jamaican, and Latin American kitchens. It is said that chitlins date right back to Medieval occasions when this food was usually eaten by the very poor.

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Collard greens

Potlikker, at times spelled “pot alcohol”, alludes to the water that is given up in the pot subsequent to bubbling greens or beans. It contains significant nutrients and minerals like nutrient C, nutrient K, and iron. So as opposed to unloading out your water in the wake of bubbling mustard greens, you might need to reconsider. In lieu of disposing of, simply season the fluid with somewhat salt and pepper, add a touch of smoked turkey or pork, and presto, you will have a fast and flavorful dinner with barely any prep time.

hush puppies on wax paper with dip
Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

The word “hushpuppy” may summon dreams of cute pets or a well known outdated shoe brand on the off chance that you are not from the South. Nonetheless, in Southern states, “hushpuppy” is the name for a rotisserie food made of eggs and flour and blended in with cornmeal, a famous staple that began with the Native Americans. Hushpuppies are regularly filled in as a side dish and here and there are made with garlic, entire piece corn, and peppers as well.


Hoecakes, likewise on occasion alluded to as johnnycakes, are a kind of cornmeal flatbread that is made utilizing ground corn, salt, and water. The dish, which is frequently presented with sweet garnishes like nectar, maple syrup, and natural product, goes back many years and has establishes in southern Native American cooking. Notwithstanding the South, these cakes are likewise well known in New England.

slice of hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting

Don’t stress, none of our humming feathered companions show up in this flavorful sweet. Hummingbird Cake, which is a pastry top pick down South, includes a cake made with banana, pineapple, cinnamon, vanilla, and walnuts, presented with a sweet cream cheddar frosting. The cake, which began in Jamaica, is named after the island’s public bird.

chocolate pie
Ekaterina Smirnova/Shutterstock

No, possum pie isn’t what it seems like it is. All things considered, possum pie is a sweet treat ordinarily made utilizing chocolate custard, vanilla pudding, walnut, cream cheddar, and harsh cream. Particularly mainstream in Arkansas, this heavenly treat, which is shrouded in whipped cream, is named after the opossum’s shrewdly deceivable nature.

corn fritter balls with dip
Kriang Kan/Shutterstock

Corn squanders, a tasty bite comprising of corn pieces, flour, egg, and milk, is a simple to-make dish served in many Southern homes. Normally finished off with natural product, jam, and nectar, this delicacy has establishes in both Native American and Indonesian cuisine.

bowl of chow chow mustard relish with spoon
Merrimon Crawford/Shutterstock

Chow-chow, a famous Southern fixing, is a delightful relish produced using a combination of vegetables including tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, peas, and here and there cabbage. It is accepted that this delicious dish advanced south when the Acadian individuals of Nova Scotia relocated down to Louisiana. Served all alone or on top of fish, sausages, or burgers, this delicacy will add some extra “oomph” to any meal.

pile of fresh and wilted lettuce
Oleksii Mishchenko/Shutterstock

No stresses, Killed Lettuce isn’t just about as rough as its name may propose. In reality, it is a well known dish served in the southern Appalachian Mountain district. Produced using greens and onion, and threw in hot bacon oil, Killed Lettuce gets its name from the shriveled look they take on when the warm drippings are poured over it.

Shoofly pie

Shoofly pie, which is a staple pastry of the Pennsylvania Dutch, is likewise a famous treat found down South. Produced using fixings like molasses, sugar, flour, and egg, the pie includes a crunchy top layer of earthy colored sugar morsels. Some say the prepared great got its name from the demonstration of dough punchers shooing takes off as it was being made, while others imagine that the name might be gotten from the old 1800s tune “Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me”.

roasted peanuts with salt in brown bowl

When you hear “goober,” you may naturally think about the delectable chocolate-shrouded nut sweets made by Nestle. In any case, in the South, “goober” is simply one more term for nut. The yield, which is local to South America, was really received by Spanish merchants, brought to Africa, and afterward advanced toward the southern U.S. by slave ships. The name “goober” is gotten from the Kongo and Kimbundu name for the food, “nguba”.

Pickles in jar

Koolickles, which are Kool-help marinated pickles, are a suddenly tasty nibble famous among kids in the Mississippi Delta. To make your very own cluster, simply get a container of dill pickles, spill out a large portion of the saline solution, add a bundle of Kool-Aid, some water, and a touch of sugar, and afterward let your pickles soak.

slugburger with onion rings
Liudmyla Chuhunova/Shutterstock

Slugburgers may seem like they are produced using some special fixings, yet we can guarantee you there are no ooze covered mollusks between these buns. All things considered, slugburgers are meat and soy patties rotisserie in oil and regularly presented with a side of French fries or onion rings. The burger, which has establishes in Northeast Mississippi, is supposed to be named after the slang term for the little metal circle once utilized in distributing machines.

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divinity christmas candy on dish

If you are inexperienced with Southern desserts, at that point eternality candy is the treat you didn’t have any acquaintance with you required. Produced using sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, and frequently finished off with nuts, you may track down that this present sweets’ consistency intently looks like that of nougat. Some trust it got its name when somebody, after tasting the formula for the first run through, shouted that it was “divine.”

jars of wickles spicy relish
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If the Koolickles didn’t do it for you, possibly the agreeable Wickles will. Wickles, which started in Alabama, are a sort of fiery pickle awesome for beating cheeseburgers and wieners. Utilizing a 70-year old family formula, Wickles have developed to incorporate their own line of items, including cured okra and red jalapeno relish.

hoppin john in bowl

Hoppin’ John, produced using dark looked at peas, rice, onions, and cut bacon, is a Southern most loved that is regularly served on New Year’s Day for best of luck. Hoppin’ John’s underlying foundations are in West African food, motivated most explicitly by the Senegalese formula for a comparable dish called thiebou niebe.

Po boy sandwich and french fries

Maybe perhaps the most well known Southern sandwiches, the Po’boy is a conventional Louisiana sandwich produced using either cook meat, seared fish, crayfish, or clams and served on New Orleans French bread. On the off chance that you are going to Mardi Gras this year, make certain to attempt one of these noon top choices while in town.

Whether you experienced childhood in the South or simply have a fondness for Southern food, these are some strangely named—yet delightful—alternatives you will not have any desire to miss.