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When the principal McDonald’s eatery opened its entryways in 1940, the most costly burger on the menu was the Tempting Cheeseburger, which cost 19 pennies. It was likewise one of just two burgers offered, the other being the 15-penny Pure Beef Hamburger. Burger King’s first menu costs were comparative—the Broiled Cheese Burger, which was the most costly thing, was evaluated at 23 pennies when the organization dispatched in 1954.

However, circumstances are different drastically, and the multiplication of cheap food choices has offered ascend to two separate finishes of the value range—the worth menu, where things go for $1, $2, or $3, and the very good quality manifestations that verge on high end food (hi, Wagyu meat burgers!) indeed, most burger chains will have at least one extravagant, completely stacked burger on the menu, the cost of which is regularly more than $10.

We reviewed a few significant burger chains to locate their generally exceptional, most costly alternatives. Furthermore, for additional on the most recent inexpensive food patterns, look at 6 Most Anticipated Fast-Food Menu Items Launching This Year.

pretzel bacon triple cheeseburger
Courtesy of Wendy’s

The 1,520-calorie Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple burger is so named for the pretzel-style bun and the three quarter-pound patties stacked on each other alongside cut muenster cheddar, bacon, warm lager cheddar sauce, and firm singed onions. The way that you’re getting very nearly a pound of meat in this sandwich legitimizes the greater cost purpose of around $8.50 at most Wendy’s locations.

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mcdonalds double bacon quarter pounder
McDonalds Curacao/Facebook

Prices fluctuate marginally from one area to another, yet this behemoth of a burger sells for about $9.50 at most McDonald’s cafés. The expensive sandwich is a full feast all by itself, however, being that it packs in 820 calories. So you get your cash’s worth—no fries needed.

Five guys bacon cheeseburger
JM O./Yelp

This isn’t some insane twofold or triple-patty burger, it’s an exemplary cheeseburger with bacon, however at $10.39 it costs a considerable amount more than comparable things from different chains. So what makes this 1,060-calorie burger from Five Guys worth as much as possible? For one, similar to all that they offer, the Cheeseburger is made new without fail, and that goes for the patty, the cleaved veggies . . . every last bit of it. You additionally get the decision of “limitless” garnishes for which Five Guys burgers are celebrated, permitting you to make a lovely stacked sandwich at no extra charge.

shake shack shake stack
Shake Shack/Facebook

In this Shake Shack mashup, the veggie burger meets a cheeseburger, so you can consider it getting two burgers at the cost of one. The $10.89 sandwich comprises of a meat patty with cheddar, finished off with a fresh seared portobello mushroom cap, and got done with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce. It can undoubtedly turn into a substantially more costly burger on the off chance that you add bacon ($1.89 more) or avocado (another $1.25). Without the increases, it checks in at around 770 calories, which is really low contrasted with a portion of different burgers in a similar cost range.

smashburger double smoked bacon brisket burger
Courtesy of Smashburger

This creation from Smashburger is a meat-darlings dream. The Double Smoked Bacon Brisket Burger highlights two Angus hamburger patties, layered with brisket which has been smoked for 10 hours, bacon, and matured cheddar. Considering you’re getting triple the meat, the cost of $11.49 begins to bode well. The entire thing checks in at 1,249 calories, which is all that anyone could need to keep the hungriest among us full for a decent while.


BurgerFi is home of the connoisseur burger, so it’s no big surprise the chain’s menu is dabbed with burger alternatives that cost more than $10. Be that as it may, at $13, this appropriately named creation is their most costly one, because of layers of a few premium fixings: truffle aioli, Swiss cheddar, and tomato bacon jam which balance two meat patties. At that rate, it’s the ideal illustration of a cheap food burger getting over into feast in estimating an area. But when you’re feasting in, the fries are normally remembered for the cost. Not all that here: fries are sold separately.

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