6 Secrets Popeyes Employees Don’t Want You To Know

Popeyes has been showing a developing impact in the cheap food industry. After instigating and afterward standing its ground in the chicken sandwich wars, the undeniably famous chain has declared a significant worldwide extension that will traverse three continents.

But while we think a lot about Popeyes the brand, we realize nearly minimal about how the spot really works across its 2,633 homegrown areas and then some. Luckily, Popeyes representatives (over a wide span of time) have been shouting out on the organization’s insider facts on Reddit for quite a long time. Here are probably the most captivating mostly secret realities they’ve shared—from secret fixings to their pet peeves.

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popeyes cajun sprinkle
Kaley Roberts/Eat This, Not That!

This Cajun-roused powder seasoning is consistently in acceptable stockpile at Popeyes— yet the chain is by all accounts staying quiet about it. The fixing is seldom promoted and isn’t on the chain’s menu, so the best way to get some of it is to know to ask, says one present moment Popeyes representative. Albeit the specific formula for the flavoring is obscure, primary fixings probably incorporate MSG, cayenne pepper, and paprika (through Edamam). Whenever you’re getting Popeyes, attempt this sprinkling some over whatever you’ve requested—it will undoubtedly taste better.

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popeyes drive-thru

When asked what key data they might want drive-through clients to know, one Popeyes representative uncovered that drive-through specialists are coordinated, and their exhibition is appraised for productivity. As per a similar worker, Popeyes’ standard for ideal drive-through request time is under one moment. Little client shortcomings, for example, talking discreetly when setting orders, not having your installment prepared, or—to top it all off, clearly—checking the substance of your request at the conveyance window, drive the staff (justifiably) bonkers.

Courtesy of Popeyes

One veteran of the establishment conveyed some awful news to a fanatic enthusiast of Popeyes’ Cajun Rice. Surrendering that the dish is well known among clients, the representative uncovered that “Cajun Rice” is “straightforwardly white rice with a meat sauce blended in.” But she didn’t stop there: the sauce, obviously—prior to being readied and blended in with the rice—is “radiant green and unnatural.” Yikes! Perhaps its new expulsion from the menu was for the best.

popeyes interior

Popeyes fans, have confidence, the five-second standard isn’t drilled at your go-to chicken spot: If it hits the floor, it goes in the waste. So says a worker who worked at a Southeast Virginia Popeyes for eighteen months. He referenced, notwithstanding, that exemptions are here and there made for chicken strips that fall on the counter, which are viewed as “regularly perfect.” Those are gotten back to the warmth lamp.

popeyes rice and beans

When asked what makes the famous rice and beans side dish taste so great, one previous Popeyes worker said that the mysterious fixing was grease and potentially meat seasoning. Assuming valid, the dish isn’t, as you may have expected, vegetarian.

Popeyes biscuits
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen/Facebook

Public assessment is by all accounts isolated on the nature of Popeyes bread rolls, for certain clients depending on them, and others asking why “they are so damn dry.” The agreement among representatives, nonetheless, is by all accounts that the bread rolls are set up with restrictive margarine, which is applied before they go in the stove, however during preparing, and promptly a while later. A Popeyes veteran from the ’80s even asserted that the bread rolls are so rich, they check in at around 900 calories.

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