7 Rice Substitutes for Weight Loss

Rice is a staple food in the eating regimen since the vast majority love eating rice consistently. The explanation is it is scrumptious, simple to-cook, and cheap. They have sugars which isn’t acceptable for wellbeing on the off chance that you target controlling the calorie admission. There are choices to rice you can attempt for the sound living.



It has gotten very famous as numerous individuals change to quinoa. It would seem that a grain yet is really a seed which offers a high protein content. Since it is sans gluten, many eating routine cognizant individuals incline toward eating it rather than rice which has gluten present in it. Quinoa has the fundamental amino acids which the human body requires that are generally not found in different food varieties. It additionally has fundamental minerals too.

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Riced cauliflower


If an individual is on a keto diet yet can’t bargain eating rice then one can attempt riced cauliflower which has a comparative taste and surface in likeness to conventional rice. It is low-carb variation rice with less calories. Riced cauliflower has 80% less calories than white rice. You can generally attempt this since such countless plans are online accessible to get ready riced cauliflower at home. You can get it from the market too.

Riced broccoli


Riced broccoli which has less calories and carbs. When contrasted and white rice, riced broccoli is more delectable and nutritious. It has got every one of the great supplements present in broccoli including nutrient C and fiber. Eating Riced broccoli supports the resistant framework, advances stomach related wellbeing, and forestalls the cell damage.



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Barley is a grain with comparable properties of wheat. In addition, its taste and surface are almost equivalent to oats since it is chewy. Dissimilar to prior options referenced, grain has similar measure of calories in contrast with white rice yet what which improves it and better is its nutritious profile and high fibre.

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Whole-wheat couscous


Whole-wheat couscous is pasta which has a lot of fiber and protein. Their size is lesser than rice however it works out in a good way for some dishes. It is little and accordingly it tends to be effectively digested.

Whole-wheat orzo


Orzo is a little pasta which looks equivalent to rice. However, it has more fiber and protein which makes it very better than rice. The solitary disadvantage of this food is it offers exceptionally high calories in contrast with white rice and it probably won’t be an ideal decision on the off chance that one is looking for low-calorie choices. Continuously diminish your part measure and eat carefully to appreciate the advantages of entire wheat orzo Without the expansion of calories.



It is the entire grain which has the very flavor and surface to that of rice yet has bigger grains. It is a splendid wellspring of plant-based protein alongside each and every fundamental amino corrosive which is required by the body. This grain works out positively for a wide range of curries and veggies.