9 Best Recipes from Celeb Foodies | Storevast

Even VIPs can’t live off Postmates and Uber Eats solely (when they aren’t feasting at the most sultry cafés, obviously). Since they approach basically any nourishments they need doesn’t mean your #1 stars don’t ache for comfort food sources when they’re at home.

We looked into a portion of our #1 big name foodies to perceive what they’re preparing when they’re in the kitchen. From simmered potatoes to Italian meatballs to chai sugar treats, here are probably the most delightful celebrity comfort food recipes out there.

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crispy potatoes in cast iron pan

Chrissy Teigen is a fan-most loved foodie celeb on purpose. Her plans are available to the normal home cook while as yet being flavorful. In this Instagram post about firm potatoes, Teigen clarified that try to allow the oil to get hot prior to adding the potatoes.

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mac and cheese

Looking for a sans gluten macintosh and cheddar formula that is substantial on the cheddar? Kourtney Kardashian has you covered. Her formula highlights turkey bacon, and she suggests utilizing without dairy cheddar. Try not to thump it until you attempt it!

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Forget to-go mixed drinks. Simply prepare an extravagant beverage at home! Johnson’s interpretation of the margarita is very simple to make, regardless of whether you’ve never played barkeep before.

bowl of chicken korma

This formula, which comes from Aziz Ansari’s mother, is ideal for when you’re exhausted with chicken bosoms and need a more delightful dish.

vegetarian roti with sauce

You can make this Indian road food at home, and it’s simpler than you might suspect. The date and mint plunging sauce is an additional tasty touch!

spaghetti and meatballs

The previous *NSYNC part is audaciously Italian, so you realize he can prepare a decent meatball. The stunt is utilizing different kinds of meat—for this situation, ground hamburger, ground pork, ground turkey, and Italian sausage.

sugar cookies

OK, this isn’t actually Taylor’s own formula—back in her Tumblr days, she proposed to a fan to utilize a boxed sugar treat blend and add a bundle of chai tea. Yet, on the off chance that you need to take things to the following level, Taylor suggested blogger Joy the Baker’s sugar treat formula, with added chai.

Frozen pies pecan pumpkin apple

It doesn’t need to be the Christmas season for you to appreciate a delectable pie! Add a touch of the South to your supper table with Dolly’s recipe.


Yes, even Victoria Beckham has a sweet tooth! Her brownie formula includes just the exemplary fixings; here and there, straightforward is best.