Home Pregnancy Tests: How to Use, When to Use and Accuracy

Missing your month to month time spans can be startling! Particularly when you are underprepared for pregnancy, it is highly unlikely you can rest calmly. Also, to those ladies who are anticipating the uplifting news, this can be a snapshot of tension. Rather than hanging tight for the correct answer eagerly, you would now be able to discover the outcomes yourself with a home pregnancy test.

Yes! Before you surge to the center and stand by in the long lines, you can play out an early finding utilizing pregnancy units. On the off chance that you are a novice and have never utilized these tests, this article is only for you. Peruse along as we examine the use, precision, types and famous home pregnancy packs in India.

What is a Home Pregnancy Kit?

A home pregnancy unit is planned to give 99% exact outcomes at home utilizing a basic pee test. The unit comprises of a synthetic strip and a pee dropper in a fixed bundle. It is accessible in most clinical stores and can be purchased without a specialist’s prescription.

How Does It Work?

The test affirms your pregnancy by estimating the chemical levels in your pee. It decides the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a placental chemical that is found in the beginning phases of growth. (1)

Your body begins to make hCG once a prepared egg enters your uterus (belly). Around six to 14 days after treatment, the levels rise quickly and by adding a couple of drops of pee on the strip, you can see the outcomes. The whole cycle takes around two to three minutes.

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When To Perform The Early Pregnancy Home Test?

Your body gives certain indications to demonstrate your odds of being pregnant, similar to the ones recorded below:

1. Missed Period:

A skipped period can be a dependable indication of pregnancy. On the off chance that you have a 28 or 30-day cycle and you lack your menses yet, it might the opportune time to take the test.

2. Serious Cramps:

If you experience feminine issues without dying, it very well may be an indication of early pregnancy.

3. Agonizing Breasts:

A abrupt growth in bosoms, joined by torment and affectability, can show pregnancy (while encountering different manifestations like missed periods).

4. Sickness and Mood Swings:

These signs can go about as pregnancy pointers. You may likewise encounter food revultions, weariness and regular urination.

Once you comprehend the adjustments in your body, you can take a snappy pregnancy test at home utilizing the units. For more exactness in outcomes, specialists suggest stepping through this exam three to four days after your missed period. You should hang tight for the body to create impressive degrees of hCG to get the privilege results.

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests?

According to a report distributed by an association in the United States, the consequences of home pregnancy tests are about 99% precise. Indeed, even the brands guarantee to give 99% right detailing of pregnancy. Be that as it may, this is just substantial when you utilize the pack properly.

Here are a portion of the cases during which the outcomes might be inaccurate or invalid:

  • Performing the test too soon before the hCG levels grow appropriately in the body
  • Having a Previous history of early termination or miscarriages
  • Facing certain ailments like malignant growths, ovarian blisters, tumor cells in the placenta, etc.,

In circumstances like these, you may wind up with bogus positive or bogus negative results.

A) False Positive Result:

You are not pregnant, but rather the hCG levels in your pee can give a positive outcome due to proteins in pee, drugs, etc.

B) False Negative Result:

You are pregnant, yet the outcome says negative. This could be a result of the breakdown of strip, lapsed item, ill-advised putting away of pack or stepping through the exam way too early.

How to Plan For a Pregnancy Test?

While you don’t require earlier clinical information or experience to play out this test, it’s significant that you comprehend the interaction well. This arrangement of rules will help you know the correct technique to take a home pregnancy test to get precise reporting:

You must,

  • Buy a pack from a believed brand endorsed by the wellbeing department
  • Read the directions composed on the external box carefully.
  • Keep a sterile compartment prepared to gather the pee sample

How to Use the Pregnancy Test?

Here are the means to distinguish your pregnancy utilizing a home test:

  1. Although not obligatory, it is better to play out the test with early morning pee for exact results.
  2. Pregnancy tests are commonly kept in the cooler. In this way, take care that you convey the test pack to room temperature prior you use it.
  3. Take out the synthetic strip card and place it on a level surface.
  4. Pull out some pee with a dropper (furnished with the unit) and place only two drops in the round test well that is commonly checked ‘S’. Try not to move pee on the understanding strip.
  5. Wait for three to five minutes (obligated on maker’s bearings) and at that point read the test outcomes. Attempting to read the outcomes prior the necessary opportunity or approaching up unreasonably long, can both lead to careful readings.

Some as of late dispatched pregnancy test units can be put straightforwardly under the pee stream without the need to assemble pee in a vessel. These packs are evaluated higher than the customary ones and may not be accessible at all stores.

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How To Read The Results of Home Pregnancy Test?

Now that you have done your test, how about we figure out how to survey the outcomes utilizing the shaded strip:

1. Look at the regions stamped ‘C’ and ‘T’ on the test card. ‘C’ assigns a control. This band should consistently show up in light of the fact that this is the assessment band. ‘T’ indicates the test model.

2. If a solitary pink or purple band shows up, in the zone checked ‘C’, it implies that the test is negative for pregnancy.

Next Step: If you actually presume pregnancy, you can counsel a specialist and continue for an intensive clinical assessment and an early sweep to preclude the chances.

3. If two pink or purple groups look, one in the zone stamped ‘C’ and the other in the district stamped ‘T’, it implies that the preliminary is positive for pregnancy.

Next Step: Consult a specialist to confirm the outcomes with a blood test and an output acted in a clinic.

4. In situations where no groups show up, at that point the test is invalid.

Next Step: Repeat the test with an alternate strip after 72 hours

5. If the line planned in area ‘T’ is pale, this could be owing to low levels of the hCG hormone.

Next Step: In instance of a weak band, re-try the test with another pack of the compound test strip

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Pregnancy Tests:

Here is a speedy recap of what to do and what not to do with a pregnancy test:


  • Read the directions cautiously and play out the test under cleanliness conditions.
  • If you don’t comprehend the cycle, look for master guidance.
  • Always counsel a specialist regardless of the outcome, particularly on the off chance that it is positive.


  • Never perform it too soon. Sit tight for your missed period and do it atleast a day after this date to get the privilege results.
  • Do not accept that a negative outcome implies no pregnancy. On the off chance that you notice any manifestations referenced above, surge to the specialist and get a confirmation.
  • Avoid utilizing packs that cross the termination date, as they may not be trustworthy.

What Are The Risks Associated with Home Pregnancy Kits?

There are no significant wellbeing dangers or threats related with stepping through these exams at home. The solitary test you can predict is the danger of getting bogus negative or bogus positive outcomes. Out of these two, the probability of getting a bogus negative is high due to different elements. That implies you are unconscious of being pregnant, which can give you difficult issues in future.

Different Types of Pregnancy Test Kits:

There are two significant sorts of pregnancy packs – one which uses blood and the other which utilizes pee for reporting.

You should have as of now found out about the Urinary pregnancy test at home at this point. The blood test, notwithstanding, should be acted in a center, where your blood test is removed and tried in a lab.

Digital versus Non-Digital Urine Pregnancy Home Tests:

The pee tests are accessible as computerized and manual or non-advanced packs, which are isolated by technology.

  • The non-computerized tests show just the hued strips and require information to decipher them. They are modest and effectively available.
  • The computerized tests are delicate to hCG and give better outcomes analyzed to the non-advanced ones. They obviously determine whether you are “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant” by blazing the words on the screen. Thus, you are saved from the disarray and mystery. These packs are expensive and discovered uniquely in chose stores.

Top 10 Home Pregnancy Test Kits In India 2020:

Wondering which home pregnancy test unit is the awesome India? To make your work simple, we have rattled off the 10 solid and reasonable brands in the country:

NOTE: The costs are estimated and may change with time.

1. Prega News Pregnancy Kit:

This pack is from Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd and is quite possibly the most famous units in India. It is a little parcel that contains the synthetic strip and a meager plastic dropper. The outcomes may take around 3-5 minutes to appear. Right now, this pack is valued at INR 50 for a solitary test and INR 100 for two tests.

2. I-Can One Step Pregnancy Test Device:

It is a solitary use pregnancy discovery test, which contains one gadget and one dropper for the pee. Agreeing to the brand, this is a delicate test that can be proceeded as right on time as 6 days after unprotected sex to decide pregnancy. A solitary pack will cost you INR 40 and a pack of 3 is evaluated at INR 120.

3. Pregcolor Test Card:

This is another believed pregnancy test unit, which claims to give 90% precise outcomes without fail. The pack comprises of a test card on which the pee should be poured utilizing the dropper gave. The outcome requires around 5 minutes to appear. This card should be put away in the fridge and be required out 15 minutes before the test time. The current cost is INR 70 for every card.

4. Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Kit:

This is a pack from perhaps the most acclaimed pha