How You Feel About These 25 Fried Foods Will Reveal The Age Of Your Taste Buds 1

There’s something universally appealing about fried food. we all know that it’s filled with fat and calories, but still we can’t deny the very fact that fried food is so darn enjoyable. Greasy eats won’t be the simplest thing for your health, but they’re a much-loved sort of food in every cuisine. Whether it’s a crispy-outside, tender-inside dish , delicately panko-crusted tempura shrimp, a cheesy mozzarella stick, or a near-perfect fried sandwich from an awesome food truck, nothing says delicious quite like deep-fried food.

French fries, doughnuts, chicken nuggets, crisps, churros, even fried Oreos and fried ice cream… When it involves fried treats, the culinary possibilities are endless. Golden and crispy on the surface and lightly greasy to the touch and audibly crunchy, deep frying yields such spectacular results when done properly that it’s hard to resist such culinary magic.

How does one feel about fried fares? What are your favorites and must-have comfort foods? Just going by your taste in various fried dishes, we will calculate how old your taste buds actually are. Curious to understand what your food preferences will reveal? Take this savory quiz and let’s find out!