Leonardo DiCaprio Wants You to Stop Eating This Beloved Food Right Now

Leonardo DiCaprio might be generally well known for his movie profession, however off-screen, the star hasn’t been bashful about sharing his other enthusiasm: environmentalism. While the entertainer has utilized his VIP to support people to embrace sun based force at home and drive electric vehicles previously, his most recent campaign hits somewhat nearer to home. DiCaprio is presently asking fans to help the planet—and their wellbeing—by surrendering one dietary staple: meat.

On March 4, the entertainer (and Beyond Meat accomplice) posted a tweet beseeching fans to consider restricting their meat utilization all together to decrease their carbon footprint.

This isn’t the first run through Leo’s communicated his enthusiasm for plant-based nourishments, be that as it may. Peruse on to find what Leo has uncovered about his own eating regimen before. Also, for greater superstar wellbeing changes, James Corden Lost 16 Pounds in under Two Months By Doing This.

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While DiCaprio might be enthusiastic about the climate, he’s played his cards close to the vest about his own eating regimen. The entertainer, who once in a while responds to media inquiries concerning his own life—including his eating regimen—has, be that as it may, exhibited his own energy for plant-put together food with respect to various events. After it was declared that the 2020 Golden Globes menu would be plant-based, the entertainer publicly thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for their decision.

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In expansion to his organization with Beyond Meat, DiCaprio has cooperated with veggie lover milk organization Califia Farms, chickpea-based protein nibble organization HIPPEAS, and is an accomplice in a vegetarian dressing line with hippie Jane Goodall, VegNews reports. What’s more, in case you’re considering discarding meat, look at these 17 Vegan Groceries That Make Meat-Free Eating a Breeze.

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After DiCaprio bought Moby’s house for his folks following an offering battle with artist—and blunt veggie lover—Morrissey, Moby wrote a letter in The Spectator about the involvement with which he insinuated to Leo’s plant-based lifestyle.

“I’d as of late sold a house to Leo’s folks, and had in the process become companions with Leo,” Moby composed. “In Los Angeles, offering battles on houses happen between strong face vegans.”

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While Leo may play his cards close to the vest when it comes to his own eating regimen, insiders say he’s for quite some time been energetic regarding vegetarian food. In a meeting with HollywoodLife.com, superstar gourmet expert Wolfgang Puck uncovered that he’d cooked for DiCaprio earlier to an entertainment pageant, and that the star had demanded veggie lover toll. “I did the SAG Awards and Leo DiCaprio said, ‘What would you be able to give me, something veggie lover?’ He needed vegetarian. We made a veggie lover pizza,” Puck explained.

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