Street foods in Kolkata: Top 10 Lip-Smacking Dishes for you to Try

The social capital of our nation, also called the city of “Kolkata” is known for its crafts and progressive culture. This state gave us numerous Nobel laureates and numerous political dissidents who forfeited themselves for our better future. Yet, did you realize it has a world in itself for road food? Indeed! It has a shifted menu, from sweet to hot, tart foods that simply begin dissolving once you put it in your mouth. Here is a rundown of the best road foods in Kolkata you must try!

The Mouthwatering Street Foods In Kolkata:

Check out the rundown of the best road foods you need to take a stab at the roads of Kolkata, and appreciate each chomp of it.

Lucchi Aloo Dum:

Almost every one of the slows down in the roads of Kolkata sell this yummy Lucchi Aloo Dum. Despite the fact that it might sound standard, Lucchi is comparable to Puri with Aloo dum is a genuine Bengali dish made with pureed potatoes with added Bengali flavors that makes it a satisfying breakfast. Served hot, it is moderate road food; you should not pass up a great opportunity despite the fact that it very well may be on the heavier side!


Jhamuri is an ideal chomping bite that can be found in each alcove and corner of Kolkata. Puffed rice, peanuts, namkeens, chillies, flavors, tomatoes, and coriander are thrown, coming about in a wonderful blend, making it an ideal go-to nibble. Since there isn’t a lot cooking included in setting up this tidbit, you can get it in an instant.

Kathi Rolls:

Did you realize Kolkata is the origin of Rolls? Indeed! Likewise called Kathi rolls are currently very well known and are being readied all around the planet. Paratha is made with flour that can be loaded down with veggies, paneer, and minced meat with a combination of powerful flavors. Each well known spot with a road truck has a Kathi roll that has an assortment of tastes, concurring to the vendor.

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Keemar Doi Bora:

Don’t get mistaken for the name, this a mainstream Kolkata style road food comparative to Dahi vada. Dissimilar to the Dahi Wada, Keemar Doi Boras contains meat, that is splashed in the sweet curd with a blend of flavors. Numerous North Indians love to attempt this substantial road food as it offers a variety from the conventional Dahi Wada.

Kabiraji Cutlet:

If you are a meat-sweetheart, your outing to Kolkata will be inadequate without you attempting the Kabiraji Cutlet. It is set up with minced lamb that is wrapped in a net made with egg, and afterward the substance are southern style. It is one of the delectable road foods that have solid measures of protein that make it worth each penny.

Channar Jilipi:

Channar Jilipi is a sweet dish prevalently accessible in the city of Kolkata that has a consolidated surface of a jalebi and gulab jamun. On the off chance that you have a sweet tooth, you should not pass up this dish. It is set up with cotton cheddar that has a consistency thicker than jalebi and gulab jamun like surface. It is a sweet, delicious, and yummy desserts, that gives you a two treats feel in one.

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Ghugni Chaat:

Ghugni chaat is a sound yet delectable Bengali variant of ragda. Bubbled white and yellow peas are utilized in the planning of this bite. Onions, tomatoes, chillies coriander are then blended in with the cooked peas with a hint of tart tamarind alongside the Bengali flavors making it exceptional and real. It has enough supplements that keep you going for long periods.

Dragon Chicken:

If you think you will just get legitimate Bengali food in the city of Kolkata, you aren’t right! A few spots give tasty chicken that is slashed and marinated with Chinese flavors and chilies making it a consuming sensation in your mouth. The expansion of Schezwan sauce to the chicken is another variety accessible, giving you Chinese food directly in the city of Bengal.


Pani puri, Gol gappas are broadly called Puchka in Kolkata. Despite the fact that it may seem to be comparable to its peers, the kind of Kolkata is the thing that makes a Puchka stand apart as the top food in any slow down. Bubbled and pureed potatoes stirred up with flavors, tamarind chutney, and pudina are added to the seared balls, and it is loaded up with salted water. Each puchka fitting in your mouth stirs your taste buds, which makes them irresistible.


This is a road food that is readied utilizing squashed puchkas. A combination of onions, pureed potatoes, squashed puchkas, and with a punch of tamarind mash with a ton of flavors as well. Since every one of the substance are smashes, pounded, and blended, it is a road food that can be given to kids and rapidly eaten.

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Best Places To Find Street Foods In Calcutta:
  • Shyambazar is perhaps the best spot in Kolkata to attempt Indian foods from every one of the conditions of the nation, including valid Bengali cooking. It is a spot that is close by Shobhabazar, which is popular for recorded locales just as in- between snacks. You can visit the two places immediately, fulfilling your desires for great road food.
  • If you need to have a sample of the best Indo-Chinese food and its assortments, at that point you need to visit Territy Bazar in Kolkata. Fish balls, momos made with veggies or minced meat, Bao arranged with red meat are the absolute best dishes you can discover on the trucks of this road. Momos with a fish stuffing is another Kolkatan forte alongside spring rolls.
  • Along with all the appetizing stuff accessible in the stands, Kolkata is additionally known for the assortment of desserts it offers. Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick is a shop that gives Sandesh, Bhim Chandra Nag offers Ladikeni, for conventional Rosogolla visit Jolbhora or K.C.Das and last yet not the least Mishti Doi from Ganguram. These shops are extremely old that gives conventional desserts to local people and visitors.
  • Indies, Durbari, Café Coffee Day, The Irish House are a couple of cafés present in a 2 to 4 km span of the Kolkata global air terminal. These spots offer moderate and stomach filling food without putting an opening in your pocket.
  • Howrah rail route station in Kolkata is one of the essential and busiest stations in the city. Anand eatery, Tiwari roads in Bara marketplace, Haldiram’s prabhuji, K.C.Das are not many spots around the Howrah railroad station that serve south Indian, and a wide range of road foods with an assortment of drinks for you to try.
  • The white town is another region in Kolkata that not has an intriguing history, however serves you with tongue-turning road foods you can crunch on. Faint Paruti, Sugarcane juice, Jhal muri, to name a few.
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    Also named as the Land of Joy, Kolkata has a set of experiences in everything, coming from expressions, insurgency, scholastics, and, to wrap things up, Street foods. With the rundown of the best road foods in Kolkata, write down this wonderful city in your movement rundown and attempt all the delectable and divine dishes it offers.