Street Foods in Mumbai: Top 10 Delicious Cuisines you Must Try


Mumbai is viewed as the monetary capital of the country and the capital for the territory of Maharashtra. Mumbai is a bundle of a social marvel that reflects in the road food sources accessible in Mumbai. From south Indian, Chinese, Gujarati, and a lot really making the city and its kin comprehensive of all. This city is a heaven on earth for all food darlings as the plenty of the best road nourishments in Mumbai you need to try!

Mumbai Street Food Names: Must- Try Street Foods in Mumbai:

Check out this article for the top 10 delectable road cooking styles you should attempt when you visit the city of Mumbai!

Vada Pav:

Vada pav is one of the tidbits that are accessible everywhere around each road and what characterizes Mumbai in a jist. A pav is cut and applied a green chutney primarily, and there are numerous variations in the chutneys. At that point the expansion of a patty that has squashed potato arranged with flavors stuffed into it. Remember to eat the singed chilies they offer you with vada pav. Chutney applied in the soft white pav makes all the difference.

Bhel Puri:

Although Bhel puri is acclaimed all over the country, with local turns added to it. The bhel puri found in Mumbai is the one you will get numerous spots, for example, along the streets of Juhu sea shore. An ideal combination of puffed rice, sev, pureed potatoes, tomatoes, onions with the expansion of chutney with a garnish of coriander. It is one of those munchy tidbits that you can’t stop once you start.

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Kebabs And Rolls:

Kebabs and rolls are each meat sweetheart’s top pick and are perhaps the most appreciated road nourishments in Mumbai. Kebabs made with all assortments of cuts of meats are hot deal. Bhuna rolls are another group top pick, that is set up with a slim rumali roti loaded down with boneless chicken that is moderate cooked in sauce. It is additionally a solace food that can be eaten without feeling guilty.

Pani Puri:

Small little puris made an opening and loaded up with a combination of pureed potatoes, chickpeas with added flavors that are added to the puri and loaded up with water that is like jaljeera. Pani puri is a popular road food everywhere on the country that have fanatics of individuals, all things considered. The strength of these is that you need to put the puri in your mouth without getting it saturated. Once you take a nibble, your taste buds are loaded up with a flavor explosion.

Bombay Duck Fry:

Although the name of the dish is Duck fry, it is a reptile fish that is covered with a layer of semolina and southern style in the curl, making the outer crispier yet the inner parts are cooked completely making the meat delicate and rich. Thali that incorporates rice, chapati for certain curries as an afterthought is an ideal method to eat this duck fry, improving the flavor so that you can appreciate each chomp of it.

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Dosa is started from South India, however you get a variety of sorts of dosas in the city of Mumbai as the city can be a combination of societies from everywhere the country. Made with a player of rice and matured urad bean flour, making it an ideal batter to make a hot plate of crepe-like consistency. The assortment of dosas is loaded up with an assortment of stuffings that will make you fail to remember the customary dosa. These are presented with coconut or tomato chutneys on the side.

Kanda Poha:

Another mainstream Mumbai road nibble is set up with chipped rice that is cooked with a blend of onions, potatoes, peas, and green chillies and a touch of turmeric. Tempered with mustard seeds makes the combination significantly more delectable, and afterward the embellishing is finished with a press of lemon and coriander.


A Persian pastry adjusted in the city of Mumbai is called Falooda. It is a sweet beverage arranged with vermicelli with a combination of milk, slashed up almonds, pistachios, basil seeds and rose syrup with a fixing of frozen yogurt. It is prepared in layers in a glass; a spoon is utilized to eat the sweet. The layers make it more scrumptious, and it is accessible on the slows down on the streets.

Keema Pav:

If you haven’t attempted keema pav on your excursion to the city of Mumbai, at that point your visit will be fragmented. Minced motton that is moderate cooked in tomato sauce and afterward stuffed into the pav or can be eaten independently as well. It is one of the must-attempt snacks for any meat sweetheart and doesn’t feel awful if you wipe your plate clean.

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Pav Bhaji:

Pav Bhaji is another renowned road food that is famous and lip-smackingly great. The pav is container or tawa singed with ghee. It is presented with the curry that is comprised of crushed up vegetables. Pureed potatoes with tomatoes is another basic curry formula for a flattered bun or pav. During any time, you can at any rate discover one slow down that serves you hot and delicious Pav Bhaji that can satisfy your hunger.

Best Places To Eat Street Foods In Mumbai:

  • Carter street khau Galli close to Bandra offers you an assortment of road nourishments spread on the long roads. This road is jam-loaded with booths and slows down that serve delectable and flavorful food, and the top fascination being Shwarma. Momos, Falafels, conventional Chinese cooking arranged with wok are a few indulgences served in this spot alongside waffles, cupcakes frozen yogurts, and cupcakes to fulfill your sweet tooth.
  • Ghatkopar is somewhere else that has a road brimming with slows down and stands that serve heavenly veggie lover food. Particularly a variety of dosas with a few variations of stuffings. They serve fresh dosas with heavenly filling making it a stunning visit. Did you at any point think you will find out about Icecream dosa? At that point visit Ghatkopar Kau Gali is a must!
  • Pav is one of the devotedly utilized food in Mumbai that was presented during the Portuguese standard. Wada Pav is a famous road food that is accessible in its best taste in the slows down around the CST tram, making it the best spot for a light meal. Pav is Tawa seared and presented with a zesty curry made with squashed vegetables with a scramble of lemon and crude onion.
  • Mohammed Ali Road is an unquestionable requirement visit place for each meat sweetheart. There is a variety of slows down and stand that sell quite hot naan sandwiches on a hot Tawa put in the city. Delicious kebabs, patties, tikkas, scrumptious Bhuna gosht alongside the yummy malpuas fill your stomach and your heart.
  • If you need to have a go at night tidbits and momos with a few stuffings, at that point ensure you visit Utsav Chowk in Kharghar. A basic road in the mornings transforms into a food court with an impetus of a drinking fountain adding to the style. Loaded up with vegan and minced chicken stuffings, hot and delicate momos are presented with zesty schezwan sauce.
  • Munna bhel puri house, Saurashtra desserts and farshan shop, Vijay stores, Panshikar, Shreenath sweet, and farsan, are the absolute best eateries accessible around the Chatrapathi Shivaji homegrown airport.

Visiting a spot can be an extraordinary memory, and it is distinctive for each individual. The memory and the outing become wonderful, with a ton of things food being one of them. The road food sources in Mumbai are amazing, obviously, not in a real sense! With the rundown of the best road nourishments in Mumbai, you can design an excursion to the city of dreams!