This Taco Bell Item is Selling For $25,000 on eBay | Storevast

Taco Bell fans are surprisingly steadfast… and clearly, they truly, really love the inexpensive food chain’s hot sauce. Taco Bell hot sauce parcels—either sold as individual bundles or in mass—are selling at ludicrous costs on eBay, as per Fox News. One posting for 40 hot sauce bundles sold for $12.99 (recall, these hot sauce parcels … Read more

This McDonald’s Item Is Selling for $500 on Ebay | Storevast

If you were sufficiently fortunate to catch a portion of those collectible Pokémon cards that come as a feature of the most recent McDonald’s Happy Meals, you could be sitting on a heap of cash. As soon as the Pokémon coordinated effort was dispatched in February, proficient gatherers and hawkers dropped on McDonald’s eateries to … Read more