The 5 Best-Selling Chicken Sandwiches in America—Revealed

Who’s triumphant the extraordinary chicken sandwich wars? Most devotees of the #1 sandwich in America can offer you their full fledged input dependent on long periods of taste-testing. Presently, we at long last have information to furnish us with a more solid answer about who’s doing it best. Chicken sandwich orders developed by 420% in the most recent two years, as per an investigation from Edison Trends. Furthermore, the organization with by a wide margin the best piece of the overall industry during that time span was Chick-fil-A.

Edison’s report examined in excess of 100,000 online exchanges from eight of the greatest inexpensive food contenders in the class between Jan. 2019 and Dec. 2020. While the information clearly doesn’t catch each and every exchange from these chains, it gives a decent preview of the interest for the most blazing menu thing in cheap food right now.

As of December, here’s the place where things stand in terms of the online chicken sandwich fight. A few brands have reported new items in the classification, so 2021 could end up being a urgent year in the more noteworthy war.

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chick fil a chicken sandwich

Though Chick-fil-A had episodically been announced the champ—or if nothing else a nearby second—in the chicken sandwich wars, information currently makes its positioning authority. The Atlanta-based chain has clung to the #1 space since Jan. 2019, yet not without a fight. When Popeye’s’ chicken sandwich publicity was at its pinnacle, Chick-fil-A momentarily tumbled to second place toward the finish of 2019. Deals leveled off before long, and Chick-fil-A has held the best position from that point forward. It satisfies about 45% of all online chicken sandwich orders among the top chains. Generally, Chick-fil-A will be a lot greater fish than its impression would have you think. With a generally humble 2,500 cafés in the U.S., it was one of just six cheap food chains to acquire more than $10 billion in deals in 2019—and its chicken sandwich had a great deal to do with it. Popeye’s accomplished no little accomplishment when it momentarily overwhelmed the #1 spot available with its absolute first chicken sandwich. Its greatest rivals—Chick-fil-An and McDonald’s—momentarily took a secondary lounge to the new wonder, which came in both work of art and hot versions. The sandwich immediately sold out when it was presented in August of 2019, however Popeyes recovered its balance. The cheap food chain was back furiously—and another stockpile—by November. In January of 2020, Popeyes was acquiring 33% of all purchaser dollars spent on chicken sandwiches among top brands. Right now, it holds 17% of the market, destroying McDonald’s by a thin margin.

mcdonalds chicken sandwich

Courtesy of McDonald’s chicken sandwich 

McDonald’s has consistently been a consistent contender in chicken, yet its  sandwiches have never pushed it to fame in a similar way that the Big Mac did. In the course of the most recent two years, the chain has had the McChicken and a few different renditions of the fresh sandwich. With those alternatives, it’s clutched a beautiful critical 16% of the market. While Popeye’s probably figured out how to cleanse a great deal of Mickey D’s  sandwiches clients, remember that the Golden Arches has three new chicken sandwiches coming out this week. Their appearance will stamp McDonald’s entrance into the top notch chicken sandwich classification. We should check whether they can make an imprint in Chick-fil-An’s and Popeye’s’ success!

wendys classic chicken sandwich

Courtesy of Wendy’s chicken sandwich

Holding a moderately little offer—about 7%—of the sandwiches market, Wendy’s is unquestionably as yet attempting to one-up the opposition. The chain dispatched an overhauled rendition of its chicken patty a year ago, and it commenced 2021 with another jalapeño popper adaptation of its chicken sandwich.

burger king chicken sandwich

Courtesy of Burger King chicken sandwich

Burger King is little fish in the fresh sandwich game, holding an unobtrusive 4% of the market. The brand just reported a significant move up to its chicken sandwich that is required to turn out cross country not long from now, so they’re a lot of still in the game.

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