The Costco Bakery Deal Everyone’s Talking About Right Now | Eat This Not That

We all know and love Costco for the arrangements it has consistently. What’s not to cherish about customary costs that are really cash savers? Include in a deal along with everything else, and it will catch customers’ eye, and that is actually what’s going on with the 24-pack of Costco Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the bread shop section!

Originally $7.99, the 2.25-pound box is presently only $6.49 through March 7—which means you pay a little more than a quarter for every one. The bread kitchen area is known for energizing shocks (like as of late bringing back one cherished thing) and this deal is included on numerous Instagram accounts—@costcobuys, @costco_empties, and @costcodeals—with loads of hungry fans remarking how energized they are. (Related: The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.)

Again, we’re generally ready at a decent cost drop, yet as one customer remarked: “It’s never only one treat.” While no dietary data is given for the Costco Chocolate Chunk Cookies, the fixing list is very long and incorporates things like various oils, bunches of sugar, “regular counterfeit flavors,” and then some. So devouring more than one will add a lot of calories, fat, carbs, and sugar to your day.

With a pack of these, sharing truly is mindful. They’re modest, still scrumptious, and when Costco is being liberal, so can you!

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