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While numerous dietitians love to nibble on peanut butter altogether sorts of smart ways, there is by all accounts one all-encompassing topic with regards to their one most loved peanut butter nibble, and that is enjoying peanut butter with fruit. Whether it’s basically plunging banana or apple cuts in peanut butter, mixing it up in a smoothie, or appreciating products of the soil margarine beat on a bowl of oats, dietitians love matching up this pungent, velvety spread with sweet fruit.

If you’re searching for alternate approaches to appreciate the tasty mix of peanut butter and natural product, we requested dietitians to share some from their number one different ways to prepare this snack. Here are a portion of the heavenly peanut butter snacks they appreciate with the natural products they pair, and for considerably more sound tips, make certain to look at our rundown of The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.

banana granola peanut butter

“I love [making] a ‘peanut butter banola’— a frozen banana with peanut butter and sprinkled with granola,” says Lisa Young, PhD, RDN is writer of Finally Full, Finally Slim. “Strip a banana and cover it with peanut butter (around 1 tablespoon), and top with granola (1/4 cup). A shower of chocolate is discretionary. Put in a baggie and freeze. Appreciate this yummy—and solid—treat when you are in the mind-set for a frozen treat.”

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peanut butter oatmeal

“Peanut margarine and cereal is my go-to for any feast or bite!,” says Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, and writer of The Sports Nutrition Playbook. “It’s snappy, simple, and fulfilling! Besides, as an enlisted dietitian, I love that a half cup of oats (estimated dry) and one tablespoon of peanut butter furnishes me with very nearly 6 grams of fiber and around 8 grams of protein (contingent upon your image of oats) for just shy of 250 calories! This bite encourages you get full quicker, stay full more, and will help keep your energy levels stable in the hours to come.

Top your peanut butter for certain apples or berries for some additional pleasantness and fiber! Likewise, We Just Discovered The Easiest Healthy Hack for Oatmeal.

peanut butter yogurt dip

Did you realize you can transform your peanut butter into the ideal rich natural product dip?

“My most loved peanut butter nibble is blending peanut butter in with vanilla greek yogurt and plunging organic product in it (typically apples),” says Emily Danckers, MS, RD.

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peanut butter stuffed dates with crunchy toppings
Courtesy of Mackenzie Burgess

“With only 3 fixings, peanut butter stuffed dates are probably the simplest bite to prepare,” says Mackenzie Burgess, RDN, proprietor of Cheerful Choices. “Basically cut your dates down the middle with a the long way cut, load up with a spoonful of peanut butter, and sprinkle over any fixings of your decision. Have a go at garnish with pomegranate seeds, cocoa nibs, smaller than expected chocolate chips, coconut drops, or hacked peanuts.”

peanut butter mug cake with chocolate chips
Courtesy of Mackenzie Burgess

“If you’re in a need of a better tidbit, mug cakes are the ideal alternative,” says Burgess. “This protein-pressed mug cake consolidates basic fixings like pounded banana, protein powder, and peanut butter. Combine everything as one out of an enormous mug and microwave for 1 moment to uncover a righteous cake. Shower with more peanut butter on top for extra creaminess.”

You can even finish off with berries for some additional pleasantness! You could likewise attempt one of these 24 Mouthwatering Mug Recipes.

peanut butter hummus with savory toppings
Courtesy of Mackenzie Burgess

“Hummus normally requires a fixing called tahini, or ground sesame seeds,” says Burgess. “Tahini can regularly be costly and not generally open for everybody. All things considered, have a go at utilizing peanut butter in its place to emulate a similar nutty flavor and velvety surface. Appreciate custom made peanut butter hummus with pita chips and bright veggies for a reasonable snack.”

Or what about dunking apples into that peanut butter hummus?

apple slices with peanut butter and cinnamon
Courtesy of Rachel Paul

“My most loved peanut butter nibble is peanut butter with apples,” says Shannon Henry, RD from EZCare Clinic. “It isn’t just a solid tidbit however comprises of all supplements that our bodies really require. Apples are a wonderful wellspring of fiber while peanut butter comprises of protein. Eating these two yummy nourishments together keeps your stomach full for a long time.”

A smart approach to appreciate this exemplary combo is by preparing a couple of apple “treats” with peanut butter. Dr. Rachel Paul PhD RD from says this is one of her #1 peanut butter tidbits, which she makes with 1 little apple, 3 tablespoons of peanut butter, and 1 scramble of cinnamon. Basically cut up the apples into treats, spread some peanut butter on each cut, and top with cinnamon.

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peanut butter vanilla yogurt bowl
Courtesy of Lexy Penney

“I add peanut butter to however many things as humanly conceivable yet my go-to fave peanut butter nibble of late is either Siggi’s or Icelandic Skyr plain or vanilla yogurt with new mango, blueberries, a touch of Purely Elizabeth granola, cinnamon, a sprinkle of nectar, and a BIG glob of peanut butter! My fave peanut butter is Teddie’s all-normal smooth,” says Lexy Penney, MS, RD, LDN, RYT, proprietor of Lexy Penney Nutrition and Wellness.

“I love this nibble since it’s the ideal mix of velvety, crunchy, pungent, and sweet,” says Penney. “The fiber from the granola and natural product keeps me feeling full, alongside the protein from the yogurt and peanut butter. It’s adaptable as well—I’ve had it for breakfast, nibble, lunch, and dessert!”

apple ring slices with decorative toppings
Courtesy of Pam Fullenweider

“These apple rings are a raised variant of the conventional apple and peanut butter matching,” says Pam Fullenweider, RD and organizer of Fully Mediterranean. “They are amusing to make and simple to redo dependent on what garnishes you have close by. The apple gives fiber while the peanut butter is an extraordinary wellspring of solid fats and protein, making this a super satisfying bite. Besides the garnishes all add an extra healthful punch!”

To make, basically cut up an apple into 1/2 inch adjusts, removing the center with a little round cutout. Wipe off the apple cuts, at that point spread about a tablespoon of peanut butter on each round. Sprinkle with wanted fixings like destroyed coconut, cleaved nuts, dried natural product, or little chocolate chips.

banana peanut butter

“My most loved peanut butter nibble is a frozen banana with nut butter,” Jinan Banna, PhD, RD. “Cutting banana up into little pieces, freezing it, and afterward spreading some peanut butter on it makes a delightful treat without added sugar.”

“My most loved peanut butter nibble is one that I appreciate in the nights, especially when I need to guarantee an extraordinary night’s rest,” says Trista Best, RD, a dietitian at Balance One Supplements. “This is on the grounds that the protein in peanut butter causes me stay full for the duration of the evening so I don’t need to stress over awakening hungry. Bananas contain melatonin, the regular synthetic liable for sound rest, and can assist with improving rest quality. This mix is both tasty and fulfilling in numerous ways.”

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oatmeal peanut butter cookies
Courtesy of Megan Byrd

“My most loved peanut butter nibble [is a] hand crafted peanut butter oats protein treat,” says Megan Byrd, RD, from The Oregon Dietitian. “They’re just made with 8 fixings, across the board bowl, and are loaded with fiber and protein! Made with all-characteristic, genuine food sources, they’re too solid! These treats are additionally truly tasty, even children and babies love them!”

Enjoy these solid treats with a side of organic product for a flavorfully sweet evening snack!

peanut butter energy balls

“One of our go-to plans during our active preparing classes at Operation Food Search is energy nibbles,” says Carmen Berry, MPH, RD, LD of Operation Food Search. “These energy chomps are pressed loaded with useful for-you fixings like entire grain oats, protein and solid fat-rich peanut butter, and improved with scrumptious nectar, chocolate chips, and dried organic product. They are not difficult to make with wash room staple fixings numerous individuals have close by. Ideal for an evening jolt of energy or a brisk in a hurry breakfast.”

To make, join 1 cup of oats, 1/4 cup of peanut butter, 1/3 cup of nectar, 1/4 cup of raisins, and 1/4 cup of smaller than usual chocolate chips into a bowl. Turn out 1 tablespoon parcel bowls and save them in the refrigerator for up to one week.

“Peanut spread is stuffed brimming with monounsaturated fats which can assist with expanding HDL, the ‘great’ cholesterol, in the body,” says Berry. “Truly, I likewise love simply eating a spoonful of peanut butter with some new natural product like an apple or banana!”

rice cake peanut butter

“My most loved peanut butter nibble is 1/2 entire grain English biscuit finished off with 1 tablespoon crunchy peanut butter and 1/2 banana cut on top,” says MyNetDiary’s Registered Dietitian and MS, Brenda Braslow. “It is somewhat sweet, crunchy, solid, and filling. This tidbit is high protein (7 grams), high fiber (5 grams) and offers numerous nutrients and minerals like potassium, folate, and calcium.”

For an additional increase in normal pleasantness, you can likewise add a couple of apple slices!

Peanut butter banana smoothie

“I’m a major aficionado of peanut butter,” says Edie Reads, RD and boss proofreader for “The surface, taste, and wholesome substance are only everything for me. Its great fat and calorie content do a very great job in the body. Rather than frightening it straightforwardly from the container and eating it, a propensity that will most presumably supply your body with abundance calories and fats, you could utilize it in your #1 snack.”

“Because of its adaptable taste and surface, you can utilize it on pretty much every nibble you can consider,” Reads proceeds. “I consider it a method of taking out craving while at the same time providing my body with huge loads of vital nutrients.”

One of Read’s number one bites is mixing up a banana peanut butter smoothie. To make, just mix up 1 frozen ready banana, 1/2 cup of non-fat milk, around 1/4 cup of non-plain yogurt, and 2 tablespoons of smooth nut butter.