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You simply know summer’s noticeable all around when you can smell neighbors’ flame broils during evening strolls. In case you’re as of now preparing for grill season and swimsuit season, perhaps the most famous BBQ sauce brands in the land has recently made contemplations of summer significantly better with this current morning’s declaration about their new no-sugar-added selections.

Last May, Sweet Baby Ray’s wandered into low-carb region with the dispatch of two Ray’s No Sugar Added grill sauces, which came in Original and Hickory flavors. Both were without gluten, veggie lover, vegan, keto-accommodating, and had only one gram of sugar for every two-tablespoon serving. (These were a reasonable takeoff from the 60 calories and 12 grams of added sugars in their Sweet Vidalia Onion Barbecue Sauce, which is only one of the two dozen sauce decisions in the exemplary Sweet Baby Ray’s line.)

Now, Ray’s has come out a whole lot sooner in the season to twofold down on prevailing upon careful eaters. In an official statement on Friday, they declared two new options to the current year’s Ray’s No Sugar Added setup: Sweet and Spicy BBQ and Honey Mustard.

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What would consumers be able to expect from these two flavors? They portray Ray’s No Sugar Added Sweet and Spicy BBQ as “the ideal offset of sweet smokiness with a lip-shivering bit of warmth,” all with 15 calories and one gram of sugar. In the mean time, they call the Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce “a smooth, sweet supplement to franks, chicken fingers, and delectable air fryer manifestations. One serving has 130 calories and zero grams of sugar.”

Ray’s No Sugar Added appears to be out to up-level the no-sugar grill sauce space with incredible flavor and improved surface over what they portray as the “runny” brands available. How would they do it? They clarify that the low-sugar sauce “is improved with Allulose, a low-calorie sugar normally found in little amounts in food sources like raisins, figs, and maple syrup, and is appeared to no affect blood glucose or insulin levels.”

It’s energizing to see brands known for pleasantness and guilty pleasure getting into the no-sugar game. Just be careful: three of the four No Sugar Added flavors have the same amount of sodium as (or more than) ordinary Sweet Baby Ray’s. In the event that wandering off in fantasy land about the new kinds of summer moves you to play out a springtime cleanse, read through our most recent rundown of food varieties you should kick out of your ice chest right now.