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Nationwide eatery reports have made it understood: The spots that have fared the best during the COVID-19 pandemic are those that have had the option to bring to the table drive-through assistance. Chick-fil-A has been an elite player cheap food bind with regards to its drive-through business, and now, the darling chicken spot is taking that responsibility even further.

Chick-fil-An is carrying out a armada of food trucks to carry its most well known menu things to more networks, as per a neighborhood news station in Wane, Indiana. Some establishment administrators with Chick-fil-An areas in shopping center food courts—which have been especially hard hit—are leaving the new food trucks outside to make it simple for clients to “eat mor chikin” without heading indoors.

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A organization representative told Indiana’s Washington Times Herald that the Chick-fil-A versatile assistance is likewise a brave route for the organization to try out new business sectors and take the temperature among forthcoming clients in districts where Chick-fil-An areas don’t as of now exist. The trucks have been getting out and about to more than 30 urban areas in Indiana and Kentucky… and with downpour and cold drifting over the Midwest this week, it appears swarms aren’t too chicken to even consider enduring it in dim weather.

In certainty, recently, clients in Washington, Indiana held up in line at one of the food trucks for over 60 minutes, and said their Chick-fil-A lunch merited the pause, as indicated by the Times Herald.

If you’re in one or the other Indiana and Kentucky, there are a couple of things to know before you head out to pursue down the closest Chick-fil-A food truck. The versatile assistance menu is restricted to the things that are in most prominent interest, including standard and zesty chicken sandwiches, chunks, waffle fries, and mark sauces. Yet, there’s one Chick-fil-A sauce you should reconsider prior to requesting, as it best our rundown of The Worst Fast-Food Sauces.