This Diner in Texas Will Fine You For Questioning Its Mask Policy

Texas has as of late lifted its statewide cover commands, yet a few organizations actually decide to implement veil wearing among their clients and staff. One such foundation, the Legends Diner in Denton, has gone above and beyond and chosen to fine clients who question their proceeding with veil policy.

A notice on the entryway of the North Texas eatery peruses: “Our new extra charge [sic] $50 in the event that I need to clarify why covers are compulsory $75 on the off chance that I need to hear why you differ . . .”

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According to Fox News, proprietors Wayne and Kat LaCombe clarified that while the strategy is for the most part tongue-in- cheek and they haven’t yet charged any rebellious clients, they will uphold the extra charge if need be. A significant number of the coffee shop’s supporters are older, the couple clarifies, and the approach is intended to secure both them and their business. 

“I can’t stand to get the infection. We’d need to close our business down,” said Wayne LaCombe. 

Legends Diner is only one of numerous free and chain eateries and retailers that have chosen to keep the veil commands past March 10. Cheap food goliaths McDonald’s and Whataburger, and staple chain Kroger are among them. 

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