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Roasted chicken is a dinnertime staple around the planet. At the point when done accurately, within the chicken stays succulent (indeed, even the fickle bosom meat), and the chicken skin is brilliant earthy colored and overly firm. While there are many meal chicken plans out there, I attempted three from a portion of my number one superstar chefs.

After going through hours in the kitchen preparing, broiling, cutting, and eating up three scrumptious cooked chickens from Ina Garten, Marcus Samuelsson, and Chrissy Teigen, I have a victor generally advantageous. My pick for number one depended on how simple the formula was to follow and make, how simple the fixings were to obtain, the appearance of the chicken emerging from the broiler, and in general taste.

Here are the three dish chicken plans I attempted, positioned from great to best. And for additional, don’t miss these 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback.

roast chicken made with chrissy teigens recipe
Megan duBois/Eat This, Not That!

Chrissy Teigen is known for her preposterous plans and special kinds of mystery from her Thai mother, Pepper. At the point when she asserted she had a broiled chicken formula that was superior to Ina’s, I needed to give it a shot for myself.

How simple was the formula to follow and make? You’ll certainly require some fundamental kitchen information for this formula, including how to make compound margarine, how to isolate chicken skin from the meat without tearing it, and how to season. For better compound margarine results with excessively minuscule cuts of everything, consider microplaning your garlic and tossing everything into a small food processor.

One thing I didn’t care for was having to watch chicken by seasoning it like clockwork for 90 minutes. On the off chance that time isn’t your ally or in case you’re a set-it-and-forget-it sort of individual, this formula may not be for you.

How simple are the fixings to acquire? All of the elements for this formula can be found at your #1 supermarket. A few fixings, similar to parsnips, may be occasional, so acceptable options are more carrots or turnips. On the off chance that you have a more modest family, say 2-4 individuals, consider getting a three-to four-pound chicken rather than the five-to six-pound bird Teigen calls for as well.

The look of the chicken emerging from the oven: The chicken glances very great right out of the stove. Since the compound margarine goes outwardly of and under of the chicken skin everything gets seared up pleasantly. One thing to be careful with is the means by which huge your minced garlic really is on the grounds that it can consume in the broiler for that long. That happened to me with the garlic and a portion of the spices, and I needed to pick those away.

Overall thoughts: The chicken and the vegetables were decent, yet generally speaking sort of exhausting contrasted with the other two simmered chickens. On the off chance that your family isn’t as trial with flavors, this is the chicken for you. This was by a long shot the juiciest chicken of the three, yet it additionally required a ton of consideration because of the seasoning like clockwork. I loved that the side was dealt with in light of the fact that the veggies were remembered for the formula, so it truly was a one-container supper with simple tidy up. Extras of this chicken would be extraordinary in Chrissy’s Rotochick Chicken Noodle from a similar cookbook.

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roast chicken cooked with marcus samuelssons recipe
Megan duBois/Eat This, Not That!

Marcus Sameulsson is known for his interesting twist on American dishes like chicken and waffles. His interpretation of meal chicken is likewise African-roused and is generally simple to make. The hardest piece of this formula is getting a portion of the fixings, however they merit scouring Amazon for, I promise!

How simple was the formula to follow and make? This was the principal Marcus Samuelsson formula I’ve made out of his most recent book, and it was quite simple. The hardest piece of the formula is making the explained spread, which turns into the flavor base for the chicken. You should mind spread and follow the bearings cautiously so it doesn’t transform into sautéed margarine, however your understanding will be compensated. You likewise don’t have to do any extravagant slices or expertise to separate a crude chicken prior to making this dish, so it is somewhat simpler for beginners.

How simple are the fixings to acquire? Most of the fixings can be found at a supermarket with an all around supplied flavor territory. You’ll be snatching things like cardamom cases, turmeric, and fenugreek seeds. One thing you may experience difficulty finding at a supermarket is berbere preparing. I tracked down mine on Amazon, yet on the off chance that you have an African market close to you, I propose looking there as well.

The look of the chicken emerging from the stove: The chicken gets carmelized, yet not close to as seared as its Ina Garten partner. I think this is on the grounds that the spread blend goes under the chicken skin with oil scoured on top of the skin making it too wet to even consider getting too dull and fresh. It actually looked pretty enticing to eat, and it smelled great.

Overall thoughts: I adored the flavor of this dish chicken. The African flavors gave the chicken an appetizing and somewhat hot edge I wasn’t expecting and seldom find in simmered chicken. Both the white and dim meat were delicious and delicious. I would make this again in the event that I needed to change things up from my reserve broiled chicken formula. Next time I make this, however, I would spatchcock the chicken or cut it chicken into pieces prior to cooking so a greater amount of the skin gets compellingly crispy.

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roast chicken made with ina gartens recipe
Megan duBois/Eat This, Not That!

This simmered chicken formula from Ina Garten was my general top pick. The chicken was excessively succulent, the skin got extraordinarily brilliant, and the juice that structures at the lower part of the cast iron skillet is pleasantly served as an afterthought as an exquisite citrus plunge for your chicken.

How simple was the formula to follow and make? Almost every Ina Garten formula I’ve attempted over the course of the years has been not difficult to follow, this one notwithstanding. The hardest piece of the formula was spatchcocking, or taking the back out, of the chicken so it would lay level in the skillet. In the event that you need to give this formula a shot however don’t have a couple of sharp kitchen shears, make certain to get some prior to making this chicken. I guarantee it will make cutting the chicken at planning time so much easier.

How simple are the fixings to acquire? Everything in this formula, from the entire chicken to the flavors and spices, can be found at a normal supermarket. One thing to note with this formula is that it utilizes dry white wine. Try not to open your best container of wine you’ve been putting something aside for an extraordinary event for this dish, yet pick something you would really drink. I love utilizing the less expensive wines from Trader Joe’s. They taste great and they don’t break the bank.

The look of the chicken emerging from the oven: Because this chicken is spatchcocked and laid level, a greater amount of the chicken skin is presented to the hot dry air in the stove, bringing about too fresh skin all finished. You’ll see the lemons and onions coasting in tasty juices under the chicken and specks of thyme on top of the skin. This chicken is unquestionably Instagram-commendable. After you eat this one you’ll be actually similar to Ina saying, “How simple was that?”

Overall thoughts: Out of the three chickens I made, this one had the most flavor and remained exceptionally succulent. The expansion of new lemon juice as the chicken was emerging from the stove to rest assisted with slicing through how exquisite the dish was. In general, I would make this one my go-to broil chicken supper. On the off chance that for reasons unknown there are extras of this, strip the skin away and make some too delightful chicken serving of mixed greens for lunch the following day.