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Ask my better half, and he’ll advise you: I put ketchup on everything. French fries, eggs, chicken, steak—it’s all reasonable game (indeed, even macintosh and cheddar). To a few, pressing globs of the stuff on my plate for plunging purposes demonstrates that whatever I’m eating simply hasn’t been prepared as expected. Not in my book. You could serve me the juiciest, most tasty piece of meat, I’ll actually request that you pass the ketchup in light of the fact that, taking everything into account, it really upgrades the supper. That is, the length of it’s the right sort of ketchup.

There’s a motivation behind why individuals convey small scale bottles in their packs: Condiments can represent the moment of truth a feast, and whenever said fixing doesn’t taste the way you figure it ought to, the frustration alone can discourage the experience. That is the reason I taste-tried six distinct sorts of ketchup—so you didn’t need to and hazard demolishing a feast. Here’s the way they had the goods, with the six ketchup assortments I attempted positioned from most exceedingly awful tasting to best.

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bottle of hunts tomato ketchup


I was never a gigantic devotee of Hunt’s ketchup growing up however needed to offer it a reasonable chance to make up for itself. Shockingly, the ketchup tastes actually like I recalled: a little sweet, a ton “meh.” It gets the task finished if it’s what you have close by, yet you can do better.

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I added ketchup to my online request from Whole Foods when I ran out, and the store brand tasted practically like I figured it would. It’s sweet ketchup, with an extremely solid tomato taste. It’s likewise made with natural genuine sweetener, which adds to the sweet flavor profile. It’s not terrible, but rather I presumably wouldn’t buy it again in the event that I had other options.

ketchup fries closeup
Amy Sherman

Here’s the thing about custom made ketchup: It’s natively constructed, not handled, and tastes like it as well. This could be a fortunate or unfortunate thing, contingent upon what you’re needing. To the extent DIY plans go, the ETNT ketchup formula makes a strong clump—and a huge load of it. It’s not difficult to make, with fixings you presumably as of now have in your storeroom like tomato purée and apple juice vinegar, in addition to a combination of flavors (think salt, cinnamon, garlic powder, and cloves).

The most amazing aspect about this formula is that you can modify it to your flavor inclinations by adding pretty much of specific flavors. The ketchup tastes great and is clearly as new as possible get, yet I’m putting it at number four since it’s for the most part not what I’m searching for in case I’m as of now eating quick food.

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bottle of red duck ketchup

If you’re the sort of individual who appreciates the sort of newly made ketchup at better takeout spots like Bareburger or b.good, at that point this is the ketchup for you. Red Duck tastes firmly of tomato glue (which is normal, as it’s the first fixing recorded on the glass jug), and you can even see that in its thick consistency—it contains little pieces. It’s noticeably prepared with dark pepper that hits the back of your throat after the actuality (however not bad), and the all-natural formula comprises of things like date glue and dried garlic. It’s wonderful ketchup and would likely make an incredible marinade.

bottle of sir kensingtons classic ketchup

Admittedly, I had never known about Sir Kensington’s perusing my supermarket’s racks for ketchup to taste and rank, however I’m excited I got this jug. The main thing I saw about it was its hazier tone and thicker consistency contrasted with the different brands of ketchup on my plate. The second thing I saw was its extraordinary flavor profile. I can taste the vinegar, yet it’s the incorporation of lime juice I discovered most virtuoso. At the point when it came down to it, the brand’s exemplary ketchup came in runner up yet, on the off chance that conceivable, I would have had it tied for first.

heinz tomato ketchup

It’s nothing unexpected to me that Heinz got the best position in this fixing confrontation. It’s not very sweet, not very appetizing, and in light of the fact that it’s practically the go-to bottle in each Jersey coffee shop, it had the component of sentimentality on its side. I additionally love that it has somewhat of a harsh flavor profile, on account of the formula’s consideration of vinegar. Clearly, I wasn’t excited to see high-fructose corn syrup on the fixings list also, yet I can ignore it on the grounds that the ketchup is only that good.