This Is the “Generally Dangerous” Cheese in the World, Say Experts

Many of us have called a cheddar “perilous” previously, yet we’re normally discussing how flavorfully enticing it is. (As in “Don’t allow me to get close the brie—it is risky.”) We don’t regularly imply that the cheddar could in a real sense hurt us, yet that is by and large what could occur with this customary Italian cheddar. Casu marzu holds the Guinness World Record for “most perilous cheddar,” since it’s creeping with worms that could destroy your intestines.

This sheep’s milk cheddar from Sardinia contains, you read that right, maggots, which are naturally introduced to the cheddar after a kind of fly known as the “cheddar captain” lays its eggs in the cheddar’s little breaks, as per CNN. As the slimy parasites that bring forth from these eggs travel through the cheddar, which is generally a firm pecorino, they separate the proteins into a smooth spread.

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To appreciate this worm processed cheddar, a cheesemonger breaks the cheddar open at the top and concentrates the rich casu marzu, so, all in all, the worms can in any case be seen slithering in it.

Shocking, sure, yet not really hazardous, correct? All things considered, some guess that it’s actually conceivable that the worms could remain alive all through the cycle of eating, and could pervade your internal parts, gnawing little openings into your digestive tract—a condition called myiasis. There’s no recorded instance of this always occurring, however it very well may be conceivable, and accordingly, the deals or acquisition of the cheddar are currently illegal.

Still, a large number of the occupants of Sardinia cheerfully eat casu marzu, either mixing the parasites into the cheddar with an axis or eating the squirming mass with no guarantees. Local people say that the area’s practice of eating frightening crawlers traces all the way back to relic, and that the world’s most hazardous cheddar is a significant piece of their heritage.

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