This Is the World’s #1 Favorite Pizza Topping, Data Says |

Because they’re a fervently discussed theme, we could expound on pizza fixings each and every day. At the point when a video from a Minnesota-based pie shop as of late became famous online, we wrote about the fascinating new pattern of adding pickle cuts to pizza. This year, we additionally discovered that Americans—particularly more established ones—totally hate anchovies on their pie. Like the rest of the country, we likewise need pepperoni—straightforward. (RELATED: 7 New Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches Everyone’s Talking About.)

But with regards to worldwide inclinations, pepperoni does not guarantee anymore the best position. In the most recent pizza review of note, Technomic surveyed a large number of buyers across 25 nations to decide the world’s #1 fixings, as indicated by Restaurant Business. Two proteins—chicken and ham—tied for the lead position as the decision of 53% of members. Runner up went to pepperoni (43%), with bacon not a long ways behind (41%) and salami as the next decision in line (34%).

And there were significantly more disclosures about what pizza eaters around the world like to put on their pie, which may not jive with American tastes to such an extent. Evidently, shrimp and fish tied as the top picks of 29% of respondents, while other strange proteins included ground hamburger (32%), chorizo (23%), and duck (11%).

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