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Bananas make them flabbergast benefits—assisting work with inclining muscle, lessen terrible cholesterol levels, uphold great bone wellbeing, and substantially more—while likewise being an advantageous organic product you can take with you in a hurry or leave directly on the counter. They go extraordinary cut up on top of smoothie bowls and toast and are effectively pounded for preparing. In any case, would you at any point eat banana jelly? The Internet is divided.

One of Trader Joe’s freshest things is an Organic Banana Fruit Spread—like a banana jam or margarine. One TJ’s Instagram account @traderjoesobsessed found the spread in the store and attempted it. They say it’s acceptable, not very sweet, and has a caramel-like surface, however a few group in the remarks are as yet hesitant, saying it helps them to remember infant food (others consider this to be a decent thing).

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The $2.49 container of Trader Joe’s Organic Banana Fruit Spread contains natural bananas and natural pure sweetener. It has 30 calories, 0 grams of fat, 5 milligrams of sodium, and 7 grams of sugar for each 1 tablespoon. That is a lot of sugar, as one analyst brings up. Another notices you can basically make the spread at home—utilizing squashed bananas and nectar or maple syrup.

The jury’s actually out on whether it turns earthy colored in two days, however for all the fans saying they will not attempt it since “ew,” others give proposals concerning how to appreciate it. Use it in a peanut butter sandwich, on flapjacks, with toast, with vanilla pudding, and even as a plunge for chocolate pieces.

We need to say, we’re fascinated, yet before you head out to get a portion of this banana spread, set out to find out about the Surprising Side Effects of Eating Bananas, According to Science and The #1 Warning Sign You’re Eating Too Many Bananas.

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