This Taco Bell Item is Selling For $25,000 on eBay | Storevast

Taco Bell fans are surprisingly steadfast… and clearly, they truly, really love the inexpensive food chain’s hot sauce.

Taco Bell hot sauce parcels—either sold as individual bundles or in mass—are selling at ludicrous costs on eBay, as per Fox News. One posting for 40 hot sauce bundles sold for $12.99 (recall, these hot sauce parcels are typically free at Taco Bell areas, and surprisingly sold by the container at your nearby supermarket for around $6), while others, like this posting for “Taco Bell Hot Sauce, Blank Packet No Label. Excessively RARE (clearly)” is going for $24,999.99.

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The vender, from Sun City Center, Florida, depicts the expensive warm sauce parcel as:

“Rare occurrence of a misprint leaving a Taco Bell bundle without the attractive play on words it normally accompanies. Restricted collectible, get yours here. Figured out it the fifth time I at any point ate there. On the off chance that you give me cash for it I’ll most likely go to Taco Bell all the more regularly tbh.[sic] I’m ravenous, if it’s not too much trouble, feed me.”

Another posting is asking $2,500 for six bundles of Taco Bell hot sauce. “Condition is ‘New.’ Shipped with USPS First Class. Make your most out of this world fantasies work out as expected with these LIMITED Edition Taco Bell hot sauce parcels. Disregard that Shining Fates Charizard, purchase these instead!!”

taco bell hot sauce packets
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People have taken to Reddit to inquire as to why this pattern is in any event, occurring, and shouldn’t something be said about these hot sauce bundles consider that they ought to be sold rather than essentially gathered from Taco Bell free of charge. As Reddit clients note, discovering one of (*’s) hot sauce bundles that doesn’t have a clever saying Taco Bell it on, without a doubt, a typical event. The most legitimate answer here? is a scam.This isIt’s not the first run through regular inexpensive food things have been dealt with like gold

— there’s this present McDonald’s thing that is recorded for $500, too.on eBay all the more cheap food news, look at the 5 changes you’ll see at (*’s) new locations.