Tips to get rid of Head Lice Using Olive Oil

Lice plague in people is an extremely old issue. It is exceptionally regular among the kids. Lice pervasion occurs in a spotless scalp as well.

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How an Olive Oil ought to be utilized in Lice Removal?

Using the blend of Shampoo and Olive Oil

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What needs to be done?

Wash hair with a perfect cleanser for eliminating item deposits staying in hair. It is a significant advance as buildup would diminish the olive oil effectiveness.

Now apply the olive oil to the scalp and hair. Further partitioning hair into areas facilitates this process.

Now tie hair in the structure of a bun and put on the shower cap. Guarantee that shower cap’s versatile is tight enough for its protected sitting on head (to keep the lice from evading).

Now leave shower cap on for 4 to 6 hours.

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Then eliminate shower cap and brush out the lice with the assistance of nit evacuation brush. At that point clean the brush with the assistance of towel paper at standard stretches. At that point arrange the paper

Wash and cleanser the hair twice once you are done.

Now partition hair into areas and utilize the blower and scalp on medium warmth. This will help in killing the nits.

Now follow these schedules a few times each week till hair turns out to be liberated from head lice.

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Using the mix of Eucalyptus Oil and Olive Oil


Eucalyptus oil assumes a part as a clean. It wipes out head lice alongside olive oil.

What needs to be done?

Mix the eucalyptus and olive oil in a bowl.

Now apply the blend to scalp and hair.

Then tie hair and put the shower cap on and leave it for a few hours.

Then eliminate the shower cap and brush the nits and lice.

Then Wash the hair and cleanser it.

Now follow this standard multiple times in a week.