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With those appealing jingles and advantageous areas, you will be hard-squeezed to find a soul who has never known about Subway Subs.

Home of the footlong, Subway will be a cheap food joint that presents a assortment of alternatives, including sandwiches, plates of mixed greens, beverages, and the absolute best treats on earth (in my humble opinion).

When requesting a submarine sandwich (or a hoagie/processor relying upon which neighborhood you come from), numerous individuals choose a foot-long choice: a sandwich made on 12-inch bread. From that point, they can pick the kind of bread, protein decisions, new veggies, and toppings that will be added to make a own special customized creation.

And while scarfing down a footlong sub can be totally fulfilling, eating one can accompany some results, too.

Here are six things that may occur to your body when you eat a Subway Footlong Sub. Peruse on, and for additional on how to practice good eating habits, don’t miss Every Subway Sandwich—Ranked for Nutrition!


If you are deciding on lower-calorie subs like a foot-long veggie choice with lower-calorie sauces, you may wind up getting more fit. Picking a Footlong Veggie Delite sub on 9-grain wheat bread, veggies, and no cheddar or toppings is a supper that is under 400 calories and just contains 1 gram of immersed fat. This is a long ways from the more than 1,000 calories that a McDonald’s Big Mac and fries contain. In this way, settling on a sub like a Footlong Veggie Delite can save you around 600 calories on the off chance that you are trading that lunch out from a average “cheap food hamburger and French fries” supper. In case you’re a greater amount of a burger perfectionist, in any event select one of these 13 Healthiest Fast Food Burgers, Recommended By Nutritionists.

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And on the opposite finish of the range, on the off chance that you are picking high-fat and fatty sub choices, you may encounter weight acquire. While there are some lower-calorie footlong menu things, picking a choice like the Chicken and Bacon Ranch sub will hamper you more than 1,000 calories and 51 grams of fat. Attach a side of chips and a standard pop, and you might actually take altogether of the suggested calories that you need in a day in one sitting.

Opting for a 6-inch sub will cut your calorie and fat admission in a real sense fifty-fifty. What’s more, restricting more caloric increases like cheddar, bacon, mayonnaise, and farm dressing can assist you with making the most of your subs without pressing on the pounds.

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“Subway offers some better choices, yet large numbers of their footlong subs are very high in sodium,” nutritionist Sarah Garone, NDTR explains.

“The Turkey and Bacon Guacamole, for instance, has 2,300 mg of sodium—the sum suggested for a whole day! In the long haul, reliably eating a high-sodium diet can expand your danger for issues like hypertension, coronary illness, and stroke. Individuals who as of now have these conditions ought to be particularly cautious about their sodium consumption. For a better, lower-sodium decision at Subway, I’d suggest the Tuna or Veggie Delight subs.” Add these sodium-rich subs to the rundown of 13 Worst Foods for High Blood Pressure.

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The measure of carbs in a footlong sub made on 9-grain wheat bread can go from 76-104 grams, or around what is thought of to be 5-6 servings of carbs. Eating this numerous carbs may cause your glucose to soar, particularly if the sub is being washed down with a sweet pop or sweet tea.

When eating a sub, ensuring that you are including abundant measures of protein and solid fats can help bring down the glycemic heap of the feast, and thusly help oversee blood sugars. Counting lean meats and fat sources like olives and olive oil are all glucose agreeable fixings that can help keep your blood glucose in check.

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It is suggested that most grown-ups take in roughly 28 grams of fiber consistently. Also, if the entirety of the new veggies are served on the sub and the bread chose is the 9-grain wheat assortment, numerous footlong subs will give 10 grams of fiber or around 40% of the suggested admission. Eating a footlong sub brings you practically most of the way to your objective for the afternoon! For additional ways to increment your fiber consumption, attempt these 20 Different Ways to Eat 28 Grams of Fiber a Day.


If eating a footlong sub is more food than what your body is utilized to eating at a time, you may feel swelled, queasy, and even indigestion due to gorging. For certain individuals, eating something that is the size of a exacting foot can be an excessive lot for their stomach to handle. Additionally certain assortments of the subs — like the Italian B.M.T. — can contain as much as 2,000 milligrams of sodium. Eating a lot of sodium at one time can make your whole body feel swelled, including your fingers and toes!

If you do feel these offensive indications, have a go at going for a walk or tasting on some ginger tea to ideally offer some alleviation. Also, if your rings start to feel cozy on your fingers, have a go at drinking some water to help balance your bulge. Talking about being swollen, sodium isn’t the lone motivation of a stretched tummy. See: The Most Common Reason You’re Always Bloated, Say Dietitians.