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If espresso is a fundamental piece of your morning schedule, check out this: New examination is conveying enlightening knowledge on what your go-to espresso request can uncover about you. All the more explicitly, a study has discovered key differentiations among cold and hot espresso consumers in respects to their character types, travel propensities, milk inclinations, and taste in music. (Spoiler alert: Iced espresso fans love them some Megan Thee Stallion!)

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The study, which was supported by the veggie lover organization Califia Farms, utilized OnePoll to gather information from 2,000 regular espresso consumers. Respondents let the cat out of the bag on their normal espresso orders, way of life propensities, and character inclinations to present the accompanying results:

“On normal, the individuals who favor cold brew and frosted espresso are more probable to lean toward radiant climate (40%), marathon watch sci-fi shows like Unsolved Mysteries (37%), and are more probable to be essential for the Gen-Z swarm (40%).

Meanwhile, sweltering espresso consumers are more probable to be social butterflies (40%), lean toward cloudy climate (36%), appreciate parody shows like Schitt’s Creek (33%), impact Taylor Swift (24%), and be a boomer—with 94% of individuals beyond 56 a years old a blistering cup of joe.”

Read on for a greater amount of the study’s intriguing discoveries. Do they match with you and how you take your espresso, or are they way off?

iced coffee

The overview found that, when it comes to Zodiac signs, fire and earth signs lean toward hot espresso, while water and air signs favor their java iced.

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Iced espresso sweethearts likewise travel and use Instagram more than their hot espresso slugging partners, who favor Facebook and travel somewhat less, agreeing to the survey.

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Thirty-eight percent of frosted espresso darlings demand plant-based milk, with almond milk and oat milk overwhelming the plant-based alternatives. (Hello, so perhaps your oat milk latte with an additional shot isn’t so uncommon all things considered… ) Meanwhile, 40% of hot espresso consumers select exemplary dairy creamer.


Fifty-nine percent of respondents said their espresso drinking propensities had been intensely disturbed by the COVID-19 pandemic, while the consequence of this was 46% of respondents detailing that lockdown had driven them to more espresso experimentation at home.

“We’ve seen an intriguing movement with regards to espresso utilization as of late, with 42% of shoppers testing at home and attempting to re-make their #1 hot and frosted espresso refreshments,” said Suzanne Ginestro, head promoting official at Califia Farms.

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